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Things you have done wrong all your life

01. Crossing out words

Crossing out words

When most people are writing and they need to cross out what was written, they often just draw lines back and forth over the words. This is a mistake. When you cross out the words with lines they will still be legible. If you cross out the writing with letters rather than words it will be impossible to tell what was crossed out. If you don’t want anyone to be able to tell what you wrote and crossed out, use letters rather than lines.

02. Organizing your spray bottles

Organizing your spray bottles

This is the perfect example of one of the ten things you’ve done wrong all your life. You you are like most people, you have several spray bottles full of cleaning products under your sink. All of these different cleaning products can take up a lot of space. If you want to save space under your sink you should install clothing rod under the sink. You will able to hang the spray bottles from the rod and they won’t take up space on the floor of the cabinet. This will allow you to put other items on the floor, doubling your space.
Organizing your spray bottles

03. Keeping cords from getting tangled

Keeping cords from getting tangled

Most people keep their headphones in a drawer or in a purse or a bag, when they take their headphones out to use them they usually come out tangled. If you have a charger in your bag or the drawer as well the two can become tangled in each other. The best way to keep this from happening is to wrap them with a plastic bread clip. It will save you a great deal of time when you need to use your charger or your headphones.

04. Making a bologna sandwich

Making a bologna sandwich

When you make a bologna sandwich, the bologna will be in the center of the bread, but you will get nothing when you bite the edges of the bread. The bologna just isn’t big enough. Even if you use two pieces of bologna and overlap them, you still won’t be able to get bologna in every bite. The way to correct this problem is to cut those slices of bologna into pieces. You can put the flat edges of the bologna flush with the edges of the bread. When you do this on all four corners, you can be guaranteed to get a bite of bologna in every bite. Maybe one day the bologna manufacturers will realize that bread is square and they’ll change the shape.

05. Eating a cupcake

Eating a cupcake

Anyone has ever eaten a cupcake knows two things: first – they are delicious, second – they can be hassle to eat. The frosting, of course, is the best part, unfortunately though when you eat a cupcake you only get frosting in the first few bites, after you have eaten the top off while you’re left with nothing but cake. Not that is a totally bad thing, but still. Anyway the best way to eat a cupcake is to cut it in half, just below the frosting, then flip it over so that the frosting is in the middle. It is like a cupcake sandwich. It will allow you a bite of frosting in every bite.

06. Peeing while standing up

Peeing while standing up

After a boy is fully potty-drained and can aim, he goes from peeing sitting down to standing up to pee. Actually, this could be mistake. There are several reasons that men should pee sitting down. First, they do not need to worry about missing the toilet bowl when they go. Come on, admit it guys, we are not always the best with our aim. Second, it makes emptying the bladder a bit easier, especially for men with prostate issues. Finally, going to the bathroom could be more relaxing when you’re sitting down. The next time you have to pee guys, try doing it sitting down, you just might find you like it better.
Peeing while standing up