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Several YouTube Tips and Tricks

After Google and Facebook, YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet. With an inspiring 300 hours of videos being uploaded to the site every minute, YouTube plays a big role in shaping the world. So, let’s learn something new about YouTube and make our lives easier.

Common Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Space – Play/Pause
  2. F – Full-screen
  3. Esc – Exit Full-screen
  4. – Increase Volume
  5. – Decrease Volume
  6. – Go 5 seconds back
  7. – Go 5 seconds forward

You can even skip parts of the video without mouse-clicking on the time slider. Simply just click on a number key on your keyboard. By pressing the “1” key you’ll skip 10% of the video, “2” key skips 20% of the video and so on. “0 – zero” takes you back to the start.

Specific Start Time

If you want to start the video at 01:23, at the end of the link just add #t=01m23s. This is handy if you want to skip any boring parts of the video and get right to the part where the real fun happens.

Consider the following URL:
Modify it like this:

One more way you could do this is to use the “Get Video URL”. By right clicking the mouse on the time slider at the desired time and clicking on the Get video URL at current time option, a dialog box containing the link will be generated. Copy the link and use it however you like.

Turn any video into a GIF

It is pretty simple to create a GIF out of a YouTube video. All you need to do is add the word “gif” after “www” in the URL.

Consider this YouTube URL:
Modify it like this:

It shall redirect you to a page where you can make a GIF in a matter of minutes. In fact you can even enter captions in your GIF images.

Repeat The Complete or Parts of the Video Automatically

Consider this YouTube URL:
Just change it to:

It shall redirect you to a page where you can loop the required portions of the video.

Bypass Regional Restrictions and Blocks

One of the most irritating thing that can happen to everyone is opening up a pretty amazing video only to stumble across a block which prevents us from playing it. It is pretty annoying, right? In order to bypass this restriction, simply change the format of the link.


Download YouTube Videos

All you need to do is add ‘ss’ after ‘www.’ in the URL of the YouTube video.

Consider this YouTube URL:
Just change it to:

You will be redirected to a page from where you can download the video.

Download Audio or Video

Download the sound or the whole video. Just delete “ube” from “youtube” in the URL.

Consider this URL:
Change it like this:

There you have it. Now go and use them like a pro.