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Game of Thrones Pilot Including an Extra Death Scene

The video is about a pilot aired earlier before and this actor was not presented as he should have. Sir John Standing has revealed that they filmed a scene where he was alive. Here’s how the actor that played the very dead corpse of former Hand Jon Arryn described the part to Spanish Game of Thrones site Los Siete Reinos:

He said “I want you to get out of your bed and I want you to crawl across the room and I want you to put your hand up and there’s a bottle of ink on the table. And I want you to take it as though you’re going to write something. The bottle of ink will come crashing down, you’ll be covered in ink. And then the queen will come in and she’ll stamp on your fingers and you’ll die.”

And I said “Got it, okay. Whatever.”

“So I did this and it was just lunatic, I can only tell you. And then this woman came in who was adorable, it was Lena [Hedley], she was just the best. And she came in and did her bit and everything. And the scene inevitably got cut. To nothing!”

“But the other part of the scene was when I’m actually dead lying on a table with stones on my eyes with eyes painted on the stones. And I still get fan mail for my part in Game of Thrones, ‘Oh wonderful performance in Game of Thrones!’ The only performance I’ve got is a corpse lying there dead with stones on my eyes. And I get fan mail for it! Which goes to show the lunacy of Game of Thrones, to me, anyways.”

(Los Siete Reinos via IO9)