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6 ways pets help raise good healthy kids

Pets help boost kids’ immune system

Studies show that kids under 1 who have a dog in the house have 31% fewer respiratory tract infections and 44% fewer ear infections.

They help build confidence

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has proven that when there’s a loving animal to come home to, kids have more self-esteem and confidence.

They help kids build friendships

Pets are great at bringing people of all ages together, because it automatically helps pet owners relate to other pet owners, and start off with something in common.

They teach responsibility

Not only do kids learn concrete responsibilities like feeding, grooming, and picking up after their pet, it helps kids understand the importance of a regular schedule.

Pets make kids smarter

Not only are cat owners more likely to have university degrees, but many kids spend a lot of time researching their pets or developing new skills, like photography, to document their pet’s life.

They help kids read better

Hanging out with willing pets, whether felines or canines, and reading aloud to them has been proven to help boost children’s literacy.

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